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Equip Yourself for a Demanding Day

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How the Mind Builder Works

Have you been having negative thoughts lately?  Want to get out of that maze and focus on the good?  Getting your own Mind Builder cards is a great way to start!

Remember, it’s all in the mind.  When you take control of what goes on in your head, you empower yourself.  Read on and place your ORDER NOW!

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The Mind Builder I 

The Mind Builder I is a daily affirmation tool that fits easily into your wallet.  The front of the card teaches you how to effectively manage your mental state in order to stay balanced.  The back of the card teaches you how to communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.

The Mind Builder II

The Mind Builder II is an affirmation tool that teaches you the colors of thought.  Every thought has color, weight, and influence. Focus only on those thoughts that give you the greatest power of self-awareness.

Memorize each word of The Mind Builder II and the color with which it is associated.  Once committed to memory, associate the color pie chart on the back to each word. 

Manifest Your Greatness

By using The Mind Builder Affirmation Cards

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